Gravity Engine  1.5
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 CAddDeleteTesterAdd/delete tester. Create and remove massive and massless planet prefabs (with attached OrbitEllipse) at
 CBinaryPairBinary Pair
 CCameraSpinKey control to roate camera boom using Arrow keys for rotation and < > keys for zoom
 CCustomForceCustom force. Sample code to show how to make a custom force. To use this set the GE force delegate to custom and attach this script to the object holding the GravityEngine
 CDustBallDust ball. Create particles in a sphere with a given initial velocity
 CDustBoxDust box. Create particles in a 3D rectangle with a specified initial velocity
 CDustRingDust ring. Create a ring of particles in orbit around an NBody mass. Allows full control over the orbital attributes of the ring particles
 CEllipseBaseEllipse base
 CExplosionFromNBodyExplosion from N body. Generates the particle positions/velocities for an "ejection cone" of debris when NBody objects collide
 CFasterSlowerTesterFaster slower tester. Test script to demonstrate the control of run-time speed via SetTimeZoom
 CFixedObjectFixed object
 CForceChooserForce chooser. A Factory pattern to select a force for integrators that support force delegates
 CGravityEngineGravityEngine (NBE) Primary controller of Nbody physics evolution with selectable integration algorithms. Singleton
 CGravityParticlesEvolve particles in the gravitation field computed by the GravityEngine
 CGravityStateGravity state. Basic container to hold mass/position for massive bodies
 CGridOverlayGrid overlay
 CIFixedOrbitInterface defining the fixed motion of an NBody object
 CIGravityParticlesInitInterface defining methods to be implemented to define particle positions and velocities for GravityParticles.
 CINbodyInitInterface defining method to initialize an NBody object prior to evolution beginning. Called by GravityEngine.
 CINBodyIntegratorCommon interface for numerical NBody integration. Used by the GravityEngine
 CLogPositionVelocitySimple script to demonstrate/test the get position and velocity functions
 CNBodyN body
 CNBodyCollisionN body collision. Script that is attached to NBody models (i.e. the mesh model that is a child of an NBody object) to handle collisions. Allows a choice of absorb, bounce or explode and adjusts physics as required to conserve momentum
 CNewtonForceNewton force. This is not generally used - since Netwonian gravity is the more efficient default force built in to the integrators
 COrbitDataOrbit data. Hold the traditional orbit parameters for an elliptic/hyperbolic orbit
 COrbitEllipseCalculate the correct initial conditions for a specified elliptical orbit around a designated body OR moves the object in a fixed ellipse determined by Kepler's equation
 COrbitPredictorOrbit predictor. An in-scene object that will determine the future orbit based on the current velocity. Depending on the velocity the orbit may be an ellipse or a hyperbola. This class requires a delegate of each type to compute the orbital path
 COrbitRendererOrbit renderer. Create the positions for a parents Orbit script (OrbitEllipse or OrbitHyper) and create the positions for the attached LineRenderer. (Use parent since a Line Renderer wants to be on a gameobject of its own)
 COrbitSimpleDecayOrbit simple decay. This script causes a simple decay of a body in orbit by applying a small decay factor to the velocity on each frame
 CRandomPlanetsRandom planets. Create a random planets that will be in orbit around the NBody that this object is a compnent of
 CSolarBodySolar body. A "data container" delegate used to hold information about a Solar System body. This is a collection of orbital parameters and some additional facts (mass, radius) that is useful for scaling and configuring the solar system
 CSolarSystemSolar system. This component is attached to a game object that is the Sun. It then manages the children of the Sun allowing editing and global scaling of planets, asteroids and comets
 CSolarUtilsSolar utils. Utility functions for determining planet/comet positions.
 CSolutionServerProvide known three-body solutions
 CSpaceshipSpaceship. A simple example of an object that is subject to the gravitational field and makes changes in own motion based on user input
 CSpaceshipWithTrajectorySpaceshipWithTrajectory. A simple example of an object that is subject to the gravitational field and makes changes in own motion based on user input. A trajectory component is updated when there is change in the spacecraft's path
 CThreeBodySolutionThree body solution