Gravity Engine  1.5
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Trajectory Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for Trajectory:

Public Member Functions

void Cleanup ()
void Init (float worldTime)
void AddPoint (Vector3 point, float pointTime, float currentTime)
 Adds a point to the trail. More...

Public Attributes

float minVertexDistance = 0.1f
 Distance interval for points to be added to the renderer.
int maxPoints = 500
 Number of points in the trail.
GameObject timeMarkerPrefab
 Object to be created every timeMarkInterval.
float timeMarkInterval = 2.0f
 Interval between time markers.
GameObject textPrefab
 Prefab to be added for text labels showing time along trajectory.
bool rotateText
 Rotate text to align with trajectory.

Member Function Documentation

void Trajectory.AddPoint ( Vector3  point,
float  pointTime,
float  currentTime 

Adds a point to the trail.


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