Chaotic Motion  1.0
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
 CBoundingBoxBounding box. Draw a box centered at the transform position using a line renderer. Used to give a spatial reference when tuning the global scale of a chaotic system.
 CBoundStatsBound stats. Simple method to track min/max in each co-ordinate to determine the extent of an attractor. Logs the result to the console
 CCameraSpinKey control to rotate camera boom using Arrow keys. Scale with +/-
 CChaosEqnChaos eqn. Base class for all equations that define a 3D chaotic system.
 CChaosTrailChaos trail. Update a trail using a LineRenderer. This allows the path between points to be filled in using intermediate values from the numerical integration - avoiding a "splined" appearance when the evolution steps per frame are large
 CChaoticMotionChaotic motion. Evolve the user specified chaotic system with the parameters held by the ChaoticSystem parent
 CChaoticParticlesChaotic particles
 CChaoticSystemChaotic system. Base class for chaotic scripts. Holds the type of system selected, the parameter set or the custom parameters to be used.
 CParamBundleParameter bundle. Container class to hold the values for starting a chaotic system. Holds the parameters for the equations and the initial position and scale values.
 CShowAllChaosSample code to invoke a Chaos prefab for all equations provided by the factory and locate them in an N x N grid in X and Y. The prefab may contain multiple chaoticMotion or ChaosParticles objects